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Git-Fusion - Distributed Working With Perforce, the More Awesome Way

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This one is even better than the P4Sandbox I previously wrote about:
Git-Fusion is a server bridge that interfaces Perforce to Git and allows you to use the DVCS freely, while still being able to work with a central server on enterprise level.

Git-Fusion is collection of Python scripts that use P4Python to interface with Perforce and Git on the server, and take care of the both-way syncing of the changes between P4 and Git.

It comes in 2 versions: a “virtual” appliance that can be run anywhere as a VM, and a “native” version that needs to be installed on a Linux machine.

Currently, I’m still stuck on the installation of the “native” version, but I will post a tutorial once I’m done with it.

+ Git!
+ All the freedom that Git offers (syncing to multiple servers, “guerilla-style” coding without central repo) while still be able to submit to a central server for storage.
+ Other people that prefer Perforce (yes, they do exist) can still continue to work with it.
+ the “virtual” version is super easy to get to install: 1 virtual appliance disk image to run on a VM, access over HTTP, done.

– The “native” version is pretty hard to install (unless you’re a hardcore linux guy that knows how to administrate a system, in which case you deserve all my respect for being able to cope with the Perforce documentation)
– Obviously, the limits of Git still apply. Using Git for large amounts of large binaries is still a very bad idea. (But git was never intended to be used this way)

tl;dr Git-Fusion is pretty promising. Check out the installation tutorial in near future.